Lifestyle Employment

Have you ever wondered if you could have life and work balance!

If you are obsessed about healthy lifestyle, travel, education, self improvement, team environment

and beautiful hair where guests

want the same... then you're at the right place.

If you are looking for a team culture, a

6 figure income growth plan, an education driven salon with endless career possibilities...then you are in

the right place.

If you are a team player, driven and hard working, we can honestly

say you will not find a better

team to join!


Love to Give Back

Our yearly events has been so successful, we donated over $5000 so far and counting. Partnerships include:

Walhbridge Elementary

The Covering House

African Vision of Hope

We Believe in a Healthy Lifestyle

We offer optional wellness packages, which can include personal training, massages, salt water floats, infrared sauna, counseling, etc..

Be Happy, Share Happy!

Happiness and Confidence is what we love and believe this is what our amazing clients need. What about you? What are your beliefs?

What inspires YOU?


Whether you are just starting out in your hair career

or you are a seasoned pro, we have all the tools

and support to help you thrive in our salon.

Our team is available to honestly answer

any questions you have.

Feel free to request a chat with our owners,

one of our stylists or front desk coordinators.

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